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In a quickly changing industry, moving steadily toward your goals can be a challenge.

What you do has never been easy. It certainly isn’t right now, as the playing field shifts around you. The best health—and the best communication—have always been built on innovation. That’s why we explore the issues and ideas that are changing the way your industry works, and working with health plans across the country to define and advance what health care will look like in the near future.

Health plan

Change before you have to.

• Jack Welch •

January 6, 2015

Death By PowerPoint

Health care is moving in new directions. Click to see how we’re thinking ahead.

Capture the imagination of the marketplace. Tell your story to the people who need to hear it most, and tell it more powerfully.

• Brand strategy + development
• Marketing + advertising
• Content marketing
• Digital marketing + social media
• Multicultural marketing

Set a vision that's uniquely your own, and then chart a course to that place, defining the strategic moves to get there and building a culture of performance that make the journey possible.

• Market research + analytics
• Competitive positioning + value proposition development
• Go-to-market
• Sales enablement
• RFP strategy + support

Design the brand experiences that build powerful connections with your customers.

• Leadership + values alignment
• Culture change
• Engagement strategies
• Experience mapping + design
• Retention + loyalty
• Onboarding + renewal strategy
• Lifecycle communications strategy + support
• Presentations, collateral + digital engagement

Give the market what it wants. Your best ideas.

• Product innovation
• Marketing reinvention
• Transformation strategy
• Interactive experience design
• Bossa