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Anne Wilson Schaef


When you talk benefits, what do they hear?

Helping a school district educate and engage


A campaign to connect health plan members to better care

While it’s certainly not popular among health plan members, an annual health assessment is an important tool that helps identify potential health risks early on, so health plan members can get the support they need to avoid future problems. Unfortunately, without large financial incentives, almost no one ever completes one. Confronted with just this situation—dismal health assessment completions and a limited (make that virtually nonexistent) incentive budget—three of our self-insured clients, the Houston, Aldine and Katy Independent School Districts, asked us to find a way to turn things around.



Lack of information and motivation are the most common reasons employees fail to take advantage of programs to improve their health, but our employee survey data also indicated that privacy concerns were another significant challenge among our clients’ member population.



We created an engaging multimedia campaign to raise health assessment completions by plan members over a six-week period, offering an inexpensive incentive, the chance to win an iPad. Our strategy worked like gangbusters.



First, we secured a set of tongue-in-cheek, health-related web domains, including “IsKetchupAVegetable.com” and “DiagnoseFriendsAndFamily.com” and “DoesThisEmailMakeMeLookFat.com.” Then, we posted them everywhere we could think of, in emails, on posters and stickers. We even produced coasters for teacher’s lounges and “clings” we plastered all around campuses, on fridges, walls and trash cans. The campaign sparked curiosity that motivated people to participate despite their reservations.







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