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Who We Are


Innovators get ahead of challenges. Leaders stay there.

Anyone can say they’re “industry leaders.” Demonstrating it is something else entirely. We don’t feel the need to say it—as we help define what success looks like for our health care clients, then help them get there, it becomes pretty clear that we’re movers of needles, pushers of envelopes, and forgers-ahead of new paths. We are makers of differences.

We understand the variables that influence health care plan choices and health care usage. We design and tell the stories that make these choices easier and clearer, at every level. Langrand and Company is a marketing innovations agency with one constant—the more things change, the more we stay ahead of them. The only thing standing between you and results? Us.
Let’s get there together.

Our team

We know health care. We’ve spent years learning what makes a great health care brand, and learning how to help great brands create change when the times and technology demand it. But we also know people—because, as you may have guessed, we are people. We’re betting you are, too. And what is a great health care company if not a collection of experts on people—on what makes them happy, what makes them tick, and what they need to be their best?

We’re experts at being ourselves. And we’re experts when it comes to helping the companies that drive health care get closer to the place where individual desires and business success meet. Here are a few more of the things we are.



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